Vulca Canvas L Adult Skateboarding Longboarding Low Shoes

    Designed for urban travel and outings on a longboard/cruiser, skateboard or scooter.

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    Characteristics Designed for urban travel and outings on a longboard/cruiser, skateboard or scooter.
    Product Benefits
    1. Grip
      Prevents slipping on push starts and on the deck thanks to its 100% rubber sole.
    2. Durability
      Resistance to wear with reinforced foxing and thick canvas upper
    3. Precision
      Accurate feel of the board with its flat sole and thin upper.
    4. Lightweight
      Cotton canvas upper: support and low weight.
    Product feature
    1. What is a vulcanised sole?
      A vulcanised sole - a must in the world of skating - is a sole made from rubber that is heated under pressure. Vulcanisation glues together the fabric upper, the rubber band and the sole. This technique has numerous benefits: it makes the shoe sturdy, supple and light. Plus the texture means you can feel the board well. The 100% rubber sole also gives you good grip.
    2. What is the difference between high-top and low-top shoes?
      Besides the issue of style, high-top and low-top shoes offer different benefits. High-tops keep your foot more stable and protect your ankle while staying firmly in place. Low-tops give you a better range of movement and are lighter.
    3. How do you choose your skate shoe size?
      Choosing a skate shoe means finding something that gives you freedom while staying on your foot. You therefore want something that is neither too wide, which would mean the shoes fall off, nor too tight, which would squash your toes. New vulcanised shoes are generally quite narrow the first few times you wear them. After a few hours the vulcanised band will change shape to fit your feet. The best thing is to get shoes that are fitted.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Canvas (cotton) upper 100% natural rubber sole 100% natural rubber vulcanised strip Sole bonded using vulcanization process PU + Canvas inner lining
    2. Storage advice
      Store in a dry, cool place.
    3. Cleaning advice
      Do not machine wash.May be waterproofed with an aerosol spray.
    4. Product restrictions
      Not designed for stunt skating (tricks, jumps, etc.).
    5. Product catchline
      Summer skate shoes with their canvas upper and vulcanised sole, perfect for outings on skateboards, longboards, or scooters.
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