Take Heat Touch Adult Ski Liner Glove

Designed for additional warmth in order to provide more effective protection of your hands from the cold during hikes.

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Characteristics Designed for additional warmth in order to provide more effective protection of your hands from the cold during hikes.
Product Benefits
  1. Warmth
    Tightly knit 3-strand construction for better insulation
  2. Dexterity
    Liner gloves' ability to manipulate objects
  3. Precision
    TACTILE: copper conductive material on index finger and thumb of each hand
  4. Easy dressing
    Easy dressing
    The smooth knit and unique weave make the glove easy to slip on.
  5. Ease of use
    Ease of use
    Stretchy and tight-fitting, the liner glove adapts perfectly to the hand.
  • Sizes
    S- M -L
  • Colours
    Dark grey
  • Also in
    purple, yellow, blue,pink
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Product feature
  1. Liner glove's dexterity
    The dexterity of a glove is its ability to manipulate objects. Our gloves have been scored in the laboratory on a scale of 1 to 5. The nearer the glove's dexterity score is to 5, the closer manipulation when wearing the glove is to bare hand manipulation. In particular, we tested their ability to easily open a jacket.
    Does the fact that you can no longer feel your finger tips tell you something? Once the body begins to feel cold, it sends blood, as a priority, to essential organs such as the heart and brain. Extremities such as the hands are therefore more sensitive to the cold. The touchscreen liner gloves provide additional heat to your ski gloves thanks to the 3-weave construction, a tight-fitting knit therefore offering better thermal insulation.
    Thanks to the touchscreen Take Heat touch liner glove, you can answer your smartphone or take a photo on the ski slopes whilst keeping your liner gloves on! Thanks to conductive material on the thumb and index finger of the two ski liner gloves, there is no longer any need for direct contact between your skin and the screen. Your fingers will thank you!
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 91.0% Polyamide (PA), 6.0% Elastane, 3.0% Copper (CU)
  2. Storage advice
    Store flat if possible and do not fold. Make sure they are completely dry before storing them in a dry, ventilated place.
  3. Cleaning advice
    Read the care label on your garment carefully. Can be machine washed (30°) but do not use fabric softener and avoid using the drying programme.
  4. Product restrictions
    Always use with a standard glove.
  5. Product catchline
    Stay in touch when you're out hiking! No more discomfort of getting your hands cold to answer the phone or take a photo on the hiking trails with these tactile liner gloves.
  6. Lab tested
    Our Wed'ze gloves are tested in the real conditions of use for which they are designed - the snow, cold, and all the conditions you might encounter when skiing and snowboarding. Our design teams ensure the product's target use corresponds perfectly to its
Product reviews
4.1 / 5
22 reviews
22 users recommend this product
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  • Excellent fit

    Joe (United Kingdom)
    Used for 1 week or less
    But too early to comment on warmth or feel as just bougft for next winter.
  • Forclaz touchscreen liner gloves

    Tim (United Kingdom)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    I bougnt three pairs, two people did not like the feel of the material so they have not been used. The other one wore them and found them really good, did not get sweaty palms and found they did not get cold hands even though the other gloves are now getting a bit thin, commment was they were comfortably warm. And the added bonus was that a smart phone could be operated without taking the glove off.
  • Well worth the small price

    Alistair (United Kingdom)
    Used for 1 week or less
    If you've got a smart phone and enjoy walking, I would recommend these. I've had no issues with the touchscreen elements, and the gloves will keep your hands warm on a cold day.
  • Beware Velcro!!!!

    damo (United Kingdom)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    Awesome gloves, very reasonably priced. My outer gloves (and jacket) both feature velcro fastenings and can cause a few sticky moments when trying to fasten things up. Not good for a quick getaway, should I say.
  • They work!

    Beverley (United Kingdom)
    Used for 1 week or less
    For the price they work great. I used to suffer with burning finger tips up the mountain but not any more. Very stretchy and extremely comfortable.
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