Resist 1 700x25 Stiff Bead Road Bike Tyre / ETRTO 25-622

    € 11.98

    Designed for occasional recreational road cycling.Weight: 480 g.

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    Product benefits
    1. Compatibility
      For 700x18 to 700x25 inner tubes and 700 (28") wheels.
    2. Grip
      Its rounded profile provides excellent grip.
    3. Puncture resistance
      22 TPI carcass for a sturdy tyre and a comfortable ride.
    4. Efficiency
      25 mm tread ensures high performance.
    5. Weight
      480 g.Stiff bead.
    • Use
    • Tyre size
    • Beads
    • ETRTO
    • TPI
    • Weight
      480 g
    Product feature
    1. How to measure tyre wear
      To measure the wear on your road tyres and to know when they need replacing, you need to inspect the tread. Signs of wear include: - tread starting to fray - the appearance of a series of micro cracks - low tread depth - the carcass becomes visible. In all these cases the tyre is worn and needs replacing.
    2. How to remove a tyre
      To remove your tyre, deflate the inner tube until no more air comes out. Once deflated, use a tyre lever to remove the tyre from the rim.
    3. How to fit a tyre
      To put the tyre back on, place one side of the tyre into the bottom of the rim. Next, inflate your inner tube to approximately 30% before putting it into the tyre (inflating it beforehand reduces the risk of pinching the inner tube). Then, insert the other side of the tyre into the rim, starting on the side opposite the valve. Before inflating the inner tube all the way, check to make sure it isn't pinched between the tyre and the rim.
    4. How to inflate your tyre correctly
      Inflate your tyre carefully. The recommended pressure is indicated on the tyre's sidewall and its product sheet (available online). Before each outing, make sure that your tyres are at the correct pressure for your ride.
    5. Tip from the pros
      When inflating your tyre, make sure you inflate it to the suitable pressure for the terrain you will be riding on and, above all, the weather conditions you will be riding in. When riding in rainy weather, lower the tyre pressure to increase the tyre's traction. On the other hand, when riding in dry weather, you can increase the pressure for better performance.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Membrane : 80.0% Rubber - Synthetic, 20.0% Rubber - Natural Rubber (NR) - Latex
    2. Approved by
      The Wheel Energy laboratory, certified and recognised by leading global brands, measures several different criteria: grip, cushioning, resistance to wear, longevity, performance...
    3. Storage advice
      This is a stiff bead tyre; to avoid damaging it, do not fold it. Store it in its original shape.
    4. Product restrictions
      Inflate to the recommended tyre pressure printed on the sidewall
    5. Product catchline
      B'twin Resist1 700x25 stiff bead tyre for recreational road cycling.
    6. Lab tested
      At B'Twin we create the tyres of tomorrow. Our R&D engineers design our tyres at our international headquarters in Lille, France. These are then tested in our laboratories as well as in real world use by our professional cycling team to ensure outstanding
    Product reviews
    1.7 / 5
    3 reviews
    3 users recommend this product
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    • Very Bad Tyre

      Bikram (India)
      Used for 1 week or less
      I purchased this tyre 3 days ago from Sohna Road(GGN) store & took it for a ride in Christmas Eve, initially my thoughts were the road is rough that is causing the tyre to offer so much resistance. Anyhow took it out for a spin again today on a much better road(NH) and the tyre was offering so much rolling resistance that it literally was behaving as if you were riding on a trainer. Stopped & checked the brakes for any setting problem and also checked the tyre pressure. But nothing worked. The original tyre supplied with the Bike is very good but this one is pathetic. Will never recommend this to anyone. I fail to understand as to what all checks were done before passing on the product on the sale line. Feels like you are running a flat even at 115 PSI.
      Response of the brand
      Hello Bikram, 

      Thank you for taking the time to give us your review. I am aware that you have visited Sohna road and spoken about the same tire problem. All decathlon products have to pass standard tests before we are eligible to commercially sell it. Some of the tests include heat, impact, cold, flexibility, durability, etc. Tires are tested with different pressures for rolling resistance and durability of the buttons/ rubber.  This particular model before coming out in the market has passed the above tests. 
      However, since you have a strong feedback to give regarding the rolling resistance we have 2 solutions. You can try a new piece of the same model and see of you find a difference. If you are still not happy, we will re-check this model based on your feedback and you and try another model. If you are not happy with any of the road tires that we have, we will provide a refund and see how we can improve the tires based on your feedback. 

    • price high

      althaf (India)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Price is too high for this product.
      Actually it doesn't cost half its selling value
      Response of the brand
      Hello Althaf, 

      Thank you for taking the time to give us your review. The road tire resists 1 is a technical tire with a layer of puncture protection. It has a layer of stiff hardened rubber that prevents punctures. The tire is also imported. These factors are considered for the pricing of the tires. 

    • Sidewalls started to shred

      Bharat (India)
      Used for 3 to 6 months
      Sidewalls have started to shred even though used for around 200 Kms.
      Quality not as expected.
      Response of the brand
      Hello Bharat, 

      Thank you for taking the time to give us your review. 200kms for a tire to shred is too little. We will check the quality of the tires with the details you have provided at the bill desk. I suggest you explain the same to the store and check for a replacement. Apologies for the bad experience you have had with our tires.