Illusion 300 Youth Children's Snowboard Bindings - Black/Red

    Designed for young snowboarders looking for bindings with a traditional fastening system and a very easy and quick opening system.

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    Characteristics Designed for young snowboarders looking for bindings with a traditional fastening system and a very easy and quick opening system.
    Product Benefits
    1. Fit
      Standard tightening system: Pump until you get the required support. No limit.
    2. Fast acting
      just 1 adjustment buckle: adding/removing your bindings is child's play.
    3. Adjustable
      There are plenty of adjustments for fitting to most junior snowboard boots.
    4. Cushioning
      EVA foam at the toes and heels.
    5. Anatomic design
      Size S = 2 > 5.5
    • Sizes
      S = 2 > 5.5
    • Tightening
    Product feature
    1. A word from the product manager
      After observing children in the snow, we realised that _ they want to be able to put on/take off their bindings on their own (to the delight of their parents) _ bindings with 2 buckles can be too long to use _ a single binding with an asymmetrical strap was broadly sufficient, event at a high level of snowboarding (speed, cutting turns, jumps). After all the testing over winter 14/15, we are very happy to offer you this binding.
    2. Programme / Terrain
      All terrain and all levels.
    3. Single-buckle opening mechanism
      A single buckle provides tight fastening around the ankles, whereas an asymmetrical strap also covers the toes (completely necessary for backside turns), which is the underlying principle behind these bindings. It's the easiest choice for children.
    4. Support
      Given the weight of children in this age range (3-5½ => about 7 to 13 years => about 20 to 40 kg), the forces involved are not the same as for adults, so the support offered by this single-buckle binding is broadly sufficient.
    5. Which sizes should I choose for my Illusion 300 Youth bindings?
      As you would try on a shoe with your own foot, we strongly recommend that you try on the binding with your own boot. This size S binding is suitable for boot SIZES 3-5½ , with possible adjustments.
    6. Setting 1 - length:
      Move the spoiler backward or forward depending on the length of the boot _ unscrew the 2 side screws _ remove the nuts, take off the spoiler and the 2 plastic tooth plates _ line up the 2 plastic tooth plates opposite the right holes _ then put the screws into these holes _ then insert the spoiler into the 2 protruding screws _ then put the nuts into their place, inside the spoiler, and tighten fully.
    7. Setting 2 - based on the circumference of the boot:
      Tighten or loosen the 2 internal tooth plates at the base (toes and ankle) _ no screwdriver needed for this _ simply remove the plastic covers and use them to undo the screws _ undo the screws completely _ slide the strap through the pre-drilled plastic tooth plate, and choose the desired position _ replace the screw, tighten and close the cover.
    8. Setting 3 - centring the bindings according to the width of the board:
      The bindings' central disc has 4 oblong holes for the 4 binding screws: 2 WITH 5 pre-set screw positions + 2 WITHOUT pre-set screw positions. _ position the disc according to the desired angle (see below), _ first put 2 screws in the 2 holes WITHOUT pre-set screw positions. Screw in loosely, _ position the boot in the binding, centring it front to back, _ put the remaining 2 screws in the appropriate holes, _ tighten fully.
    9. What angles should you use for the bindings?
      For on-piste/freeriding, we recommend +18° at the front, and 0° at the rear. For multipurpose/freestyle use, select the +18° and -6° settings (the rear opening gives more flexibility when riding switch). For freestyle use, feel free to select completely symmetrical angles, e.g. +12° and -12°. Children should immediately opt for +18° / -6° angles because the instructors will quickly introduce them to riding switch.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Main part : 60.0% Polypropylene (PP), 20.0% Polyurethane (PU), 20.0% Polyethylene Co-Vinyl Acetate (PEVA)
    2. Storage advice
      Each time you go onto the slopes, remember to tighten all of the screws on your bindings.During the summer, you can indeed leave your bindings on the snowboard.
    3. Cleaning advice
      Each time you go onto the slopes, remember to tighten all of the screws on your bindings.
    4. Product restrictions
      For boot sizes 3-5½
    5. Product catchline
      The single buckle allows children to get their boots on/off unaided. Given the many settings, these bindings are compatible with many different boots, even slim (linerless) boots, from size 2 upwards.
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