Wed'ze End Zone Women's Snowboard Boot - Maroon

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Designed for expert level female snowboarders seeking excellent support and cushioning. Perfect for all types of terrain, ideal for Freestyle.

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Product benefits
  1. Easy opening / closing
    Fast Blocking: 1-step system for maximum tightening force at the top and bottom.
  2. Fit
    3-point liner lacing system + Weblock + 13 mm dual density ankle foam padding
  3. Rigidity
    Medium Flex for good Freestyle / On-piste / Off-piste versatility
  4. Thermal insulation
    EVA midsole which provides perfect insulation from cold underfoot.
  • Sizes
    5.5(24)/ 6.5(24.5)/ 7(25.5)/ 7.5(26)/ 8(27) .
  • Weight
    1.6 kg in size 6
Product feature
  1. A word from the product manager
    It has all the qualities of a top of the range model. A lightweight and shock absorbent sole, a quick and powerful tightening system, a soft flex suited to Freestyle use, which is also very versatile with excellent heel support, helping the rider to steer the board at high speed, an articulated upper which improves the service life of the flex, etc. But this would be nothing without the unashamed Freestyle looks that our designer gave to this model. As you might have guessed, I love the boot.
  2. Comfort
    Comfort is very important in snowboarding. In order to minimise any compression points, we have: _ designed the tongue of the liner so that it avoids the ankle bone _ added the second layer of foam at the instep/shin fold to prevent the laces from restricting the blood flow, _ chosen soft foam _ added a very soft material at the shin, where there is often no more sock fabric!
  3. Foot entry/exit
    But comfort also means being able to get the boot on/off easily: we have always given our boots a wide opening to make them easy to get on/off as well as straps on the tongue of the liner and the shoe to facilitate opening. A 3rd strap at the rear of the liner can be used for carrying as well as easily removing the liner for drying thoroughly.
  4. FAST BLOCKING tightening system
    This tightening is: _ Very powerful: when you pull the handle, you apply maximum force to 2 small areas: one lace strand for the top section, one lace strand for the lower section. _ Very quick: block them by pulling upwards. _ Very reliable: when riding, the more pressure you apply to the laces, the tighter they lock into the locking cleat _ Very easy to loosen: just hold the laces at a 90° angle and they easily come out of the cleats
  5. Boot flex/stiffness
    The key specific feature of the End Zone is its Medium Flex combined with superior support (SUPPORT FOAM ankle foam, 3-point lacing system + WEBLOCK, mechanical link between the liner and the boot, etc.). This gives it a very Freestyle feel while also being very versatile on all types of terrain for experienced two expert riders. Your boot will retain its flex over time thanks to the ROTATION POINT technology.
  6. Heel support: LEVEL 3 liner
    The support of the heel is a key factor for steering the board properly, particularly at high speeds. For the End Zone, the LEVEL 3 liner uses 3 technologies: _SUPPORT FOAM ankle foam _ 3-POINT liner tightening + WEBLOCK system _ MECHANICAL LINK between the liner and the boot + 3D insole (conforms to the shape of the heel and the midfoot arch) + Dual thickness foam on the tongue at the instep (support and comfort) + Non-slip lining at the heel
  7. SUPPORT FOAM technology
    The ankle foam padding sections fill the hollow underneath and behind the ankle bone to hold the heel in place. The LEVEL 2 liner has 13 mm thick dual material ankle bone foam padding - material 1 in contact with the foot: 8mm low-density foam for optimum comfort - material 2, stuck to the material 1: 5 mm high-density foam for holding the heel more firmly in the boot This is a very good material for combining good support and excellent comfort
  8. 3 POINT liner tightening + WEBLOCK system
    The WEBLOCK system incorporates straps which wrap themselves around the foot, unlike simple eyelets which only tighten both sides of the boot. The effect is very important: you can clearly feel the straps located above and below the ankle bone as they wrap around the heel and hold it in place. A 3-point (instead of 4 points) tightening system has 2 advantages: _ SUPPORT: it holds the heel in place very well, _ WARMTH: it allows the blood to flow freely so that it can warm the toes
  9. MECHANICAL LINK technology
    We have added some plastic elements which create grooves between the liner and the boot: _ On the liner: grooves ratcheted in one direction _ On the boot: grooves ratcheted in the other direction Once the boot has been tightened, there is no longer any movement between the liner and the boot. It is not physically possible. The aim is always to eliminate interference between the movement of the foot and the board, thereby making it easier to steer.
  10. Outsole: grip, foothold, cushioning AND thermal insulation
    The JUMP sole provides lots of cushioning thanks to its EVA (material used in running trainers) midsole: 80% air) The EVA also provides low weight and thermal insulation. It is made of rubber and has a large GRIP zone with 3.5 mm lugs. It is perfect for getting to the top of a pipe, waiting your turn, taking off and landing as well as every other ride of the day.
  11. ROTATION POINT technology
    We have added a rotation points from the top of the boot on the bottom of the boot (like ski boots). This rotation point allows the top of the upper to rotate over the base when bending forwards. This prevents the materials of the boot from "breaking" and ageing to quickly. Your boots will retain their flex over time.
  12. Durability
    Leather reinforcement at the front and back. The sole is asymmetrical and, on the inside, the rubber rises high up the side of the boot. This provides protection for the specific situations encountered when snowboarding: when moving on flat surfaces with the rear foot attached. Indeed, when pulling the board along, it often touches the rear boot with the risk of the snowboard edge cutting into it! The leather + the high rubber sole provide excellent protection.
  13. Durability
    _ leather reinforcement at the front and rear of the boot _ Wed'ze exclusive asymmetrical sole: inside, rubber outsole with high rise bumper. This provides protection for the specific situations encountered when snowboarding: when moving on flat surfaces with the rear foot attached. Indeed, when pulling the board along, it often touches the rear boot with the risk of the snowboard edge cutting into it!
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Boot: 80% synthetic polyurethane + 20% leather Liner: 100% synthetic polyester (lining and outer). Outsole: 70% rubber + 30% EVA
  2. Storage advice
    At the end of the day, remove the liner from the boot for ventilation and quick drying. I even recommend removing the insole of the liner so that it dries properly.
  3. Cleaning advice
    Wash with soapy water.
  4. Product catchline
    The End Zone is a perfect and complete boot for every use: Level 3 liner with excellent support, Fast blocking timing with high tightening force, medium flex, etc
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