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Terms and Conditions of Use of Gift Cards: 

A Gift Card can be purchased in the store of Decathlon Lietuva UAB Latvian Branch (hereinafter — ‘Decathlon’) in the territory of Latvia. Gift Cards are issued to give Buyers and Users an opportunity to use them to pay for goods and services available at Decathlon with the electronic money available thereon. Gift Cards are not intended for the issue of cash. Cards are valid for 1 year (12 months) from the moment of purchase; the minimum amount is EUR 20; the maximum amount is EUR 250. A Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash. If a Gift Card is not used by its expiry date or is lost, the remaining balance is not refunded. 

Return for purchase with a gift card - if the purchase is made with a gift card, the value of the returned goods will be returned in the form of a gift card.

Gift Cards purchased in the Decathlon store can be used in all European Decathlon stores. A Gift Card cannot be used for purchase in the e-store at www.decathlon.lv or other Decathlon Internet stores. 

Purchase of gift cards:

Gift cards can be purchased by both individuals and legal entities at the store, Biķeru Street 4. To purchase gift cards for legal entities by bank transfer, please write to [email protected].

Individuals receiving a physical gift card with one of the offered delivery options can purchase gift cards remotely by writing to [email protected] . Payment for gift cards in the store can be made in cash, with a payment card or by bank transfer. At the time of purchasing the card, the buyer must pay for the Gift Card in full, in the amount indicated on the Gift Card. Along with the Gift card, the customer receives an invoice or check for the transaction.

General Terms and Conditions:

A Gift Card is anonymous and the Buyer’s or User’s given name and surname or company name is not specified thereon.

A Gift Card has a limited Term of Use not exceeding 12 (twelve) months, counting from the card activation day (purchase date).

Gift Cards can be purchased in the Decathlon store at 4 Biķeru Street, Ulbroka. Gift Cards can be purchased by both natural and legal persons. Payment shall be made in cash or by payment card. Payment for a Gift Card cannot be made by using other Gift Cards, cheques, etc. Upon purchasing a Card, the Buyer shall make payment for a Gift Card in full in the amount specified on the Gift Card.  

After paying the nominal value of a Gift Card, the Card is activated. The activation of a Card is completed once a Decathlon employee prints out a cash-register receipt certifying this transaction. The Buyer is issued the Gift Card with the nominal value specified thereon. Along with the Gift Card, the Buyer is issued a purchase receipt paid for the Gift Card.

A Gift Card can be used for transactions immediately after its purchase and activation.

Purchases by a Gift Card are made by submitting the Gift Card to the seller, an employee of the Decathlon store, before making a purchase.

If the value of the purchase exceeds the amount of funds available on a Gift Card, the deficient amount can be paid in cash or by payment card, or another Decathlon Latvia Gift Card.

 If a Gift Card is damaged, broken or not suitable for use, it shall not be refunded or exchanged for a new one. We may refuse to accept a Gift Card upon making a transaction, if it has expired.

All complaints concerning Gift Cards shall be submitted in writing to: [email protected] . We will reply to your complaint within 5 business days. 

Decathlon reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions of Use of Gift Cards and undertakes to inform Users and Buyers thereof on the website www.decathlon.lv.