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About us

For those whose walls are decorated with diplomas and medals, as well as for those who are still in search of the passion of their dreams - DECATHLON is the place for everyone who goes on an adventure with enthusiasm and travels anywhere and in any weather!

DECATHLON is a company founded in 1976 in France, which is responsible for product research, guarantees quality, uses only its own resources for production.

DECATHLON is a stable and stable company that carefully prepares its pricing policy and tries to reduce prices as volume and demand increase. In a word, it does everything to ensure that any sport is of suitable quality for beginners, professionals and sports amateurs at the best prices.

Testing grounds, knowledgeable and competent staff, the opportunity to try everything and the widest range of 4,700 square meters - we have everything you need to start your long-awaited journey in sports and try a new passion with energy, confidence and motivation to continue! We are for the removal of all possible restrictions on your capabilities and the availability of any sport, regardless of your level of training and enthusiasm!

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