920 Bike D-Lock

    € 29.98

    Designed for protecting your bike for as long as needed while riding in town.

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    Product benefits
    1. Theft resistant
      Theft resistant
      High-security lock. Security level rating: 8/10.
    2. Volume
      Can be used to secure 2 bikes to a fixed object.
    3. Easy transport
      Universal mount lets you attach the lock to the frame of your bike.
    4. Impact protection
      Impact protection
      Supple rubber crossbar and U to protect your bike's paint.
    5. Lightweight
      1600 g
    Product feature
    1. Main section
      Tubular shackle made of hardened steel for superior strength and durability. Resistant to bolt cutters, saws and hammers. Supple rubber coating to stop the lock banging against your bike and damaging the paintwork. Inner shackle length: 25 cm (enough to attach 2 bikes).
    2. Lock
      Pick-proof lock. Rust-proof keyhole cover. Comes with 3 keys.
    3. B'Secure Certification
      The security rating helps you choose the lock that is most suited to your needs. To accomplish this, B'Twin defined a test protocol jointly with an independent laboratory, CNPP, based on real-life theft techniques. This unique protocol allows each lock to be given a comparable rating indicating how resistant it is to theft. This rating ranges from 0 (least secure) to 10 (most secure).
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Chassis : 100.0% Steel Structure : 100.0% Polypropylene (PP)
    2. Product catchline
      A high-security bike lock that's big enough for two bikes at once. Also secures the frame and the wheel.
    Product reviews
    3.3 / 5
    4 reviews
    4 users recommend this product
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    • Good

      Ernestas (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Looks very strong and sturdy, feeling safe while leaving bike locked.
      Just the rubber coating makes me annoyed, sometimes it’s hard to put a lock on because of it. However- it prevents from scratching your bike!
    • Reliable good quality lock

      Bloggs (United Kingdom)
      Used for More than 1 year
      Thought it was time to review this bike lock, as I've been using it for well over a year now. It was initially a bit annoying fitting the lock to my bike frame, but it comes in handy because I don't want a heavy lock in my backpack. The lock itself seems like it would make life difficult for a thief, but ofcourse even the best locks can be broken. What I really like about this lock and which sets apart from others that I've used is the reliable locking mechanism. Pretty much every other lock I've owned always ends up suffering from jamming issues despite being lubed. I've had no issues with this lock and would recommend.
    • Works as it should, rubber coating is annoying

      Thomas (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      The good: This bike lock performs as it should and certainly looks like it would be difficult to break. I use this lock for when I ride into university, and it looks a lot more secure than what a lot of other students use. My bike is £500+, and I am confident that the lock would make it difficult to steal the bike.

      The average: The lock comes with a carrier, which could be useful however my bike frame (Specialized size L) is too small (amazingly!) to accommodate this particular lock and carrier with a water bottle holder on my bike as well. This means I have to carry the lock in my backpack. The lock also has an integrated dust cover which slides over the keyhole to stop water or dust ingress. This is a handy feature, however I have not found the need to use it just yet, and it adds another step to the daunting task of attaching and detaching the lock from my bike, as described below...

      The bad: Now then, this lock is incredibly heavy, and the thick rubber coating makes using this lock a daunting and annoying experience. Whilst it does serve to protect paintwork, the rubber coating makes it incredibly difficult to actually place the lock through the frame, wheel, and bicycle park hoop. If the diameter of the rubber coating was to be reduced, it would make things a little easier. I spent ten minutes this morning fighting with the lock trying to fit it through everything, having to use severe force to get everything lined up. As an engineer myself, I find it hard to understand the thought process behind choosing this as a suitable protective coating. The thick rubber coating also limits the types of bike park hoop you can use, with thicker poles being out of the question.

      Verdict: All in all, this is a very secure lock, however the daily chore of fitting and removing this lock from my bike, bike park hoop and wheel makes it incredibly difficult to recommend this product.
    • Over designed, over weight monstrosity

      Stephen (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Thick rubber coating makes the lock hard to fit within bike frame boundaries. It also limits you when trying to lock the bike to something. All this rubber adds kilos and complicates a very simple device.
      Much preferred the older design.
      Got refund.
      Response of the brand
      Thank you for your comments regarding this lock. The rubber coating is meant to prevent damage to the frame following long periods of use. I can appreciate that it adds some extra weight to the model as it is a chunky lock. The mechanism has been improved compared with the previous model and the added rubber coating makes it more difficult for thieves to sever making it more secure.
      I will forward your findings on to the product designer.
      If the lock is not correct for your bike, then please feel free to return it to us.
      Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON