DWS 500 Men Wetst Jckt 16-24°C

    Designed for SCUBA DIVERS in temperate waters (16 to 24°C).

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    Characteristics Designed for SCUBA DIVERS in temperate waters (16 to 24°C).
    Product Benefits
    1. Thermal insulation
      Longjohns 5.5mm (chest), 4.5mm (legs), thin inner ankle cuffs.
    2. Freedom of movement
      Material on the legs is thinner than on the chest for easier kicking movements.
    3. Abrasion resistance
      Glued/stitched assembly; ergonomic knee reinforcements.
    4. Easy dressing
      Ultra flexible neoprene piece and thin inner ankle cuffs.
    5. Anatomic design
      You can mix and match longjohn and jacket sizes.
    • Colours
      black and grey.
    • Weight
      1.5 kg in size 40.
    • Sizes
      34 to 48.
    Product feature
    1. Different neoprene thicknesses
      The best balance between thermal insulation and freedom of movement. The thickest neoprene (5.5mm) is on the torso (most important part to protect because of the vital organs); the thinnest neoprene (4.5mm) is on the limbs for better mobility. The thicknesses and locations have been determined following a scientific experiment led by Tribord (divers equipped with sensors over their entire body).
    2. Thin inner cuffs
      Thin neoprene strip around the lower calves to prevent water from entering. Placed this way, it also makes the garment easier to put on without getting in the way of your feet.
    3. Ultrasoft neoprene piece at the ankles
      It allows the wetsuit to stretch as the foot goes through for easier dressing, then to returns to lie flat against the ankle to prevent water from getting in.
    4. Glued and stitched assembly
      Neoprene is bonded and then stitched to ensure maximum resistance (the needle does not go all the way through the neoprene, preventing leaks).
    5. Seam ends
      The bar stitch at a seam is the most sensitive part. The end of the thread is coated, then placed back into the neoprene to prevent the seam from coming undone.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      100% neoprene foam, 100% polyamide lining.
    2. Storage advice
      protect from sunlight and humidity.
    3. Cleaning advice
      salt water resistant. Only rinse with fresh water before prolonged storage. Do not leave to dry in the sun.
    4. Product restrictions
      must be worn with a neoprene jacket.
    5. Product catchline
      Above all easy to put on and take off.
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